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Using Microsoft Authenticator

It is important we do everything we can to help keep your data safe. Especially with the increase in phishing attacks we have seen in recent months. That is why we have implemented two-factor authentication on your email accounts.

You may have noticed messages popping up about Microsoft Authenticator. Now is time to take the plunge and set it up for yourself. It’s very easy and to help you we’ve created a tutorial video which takes you through the process.

Once this is done it will mean you very occasionally get asked to “authenticate” your identity by typing in the code from the Authenticator app or a code sent via a text message. If you sign into your email account from a new location or new device, it will also ask you to authenticate. This means even if a hacker gets your password, they will not be able to access your account keeping you and your data secure.

If you’ve got any queries after watching the video and you are one of our supported schools then our technicians will be able to assist.


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